I shot food, people around me (that means my family most of the time), legos, food, little things i found interesting, food, bokeh, and.. have i mentioned food?


My name is Nadia Arini Yahya and i live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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I don’t know what happened, but i guess my Tumblr account was somehow hacked. Which i’m not sure either, because i’ve changed the password twice and still someone (or something?) posted a linked ad to my page.

I’ll ask Tumblr admins to resolve this, and i just hope that this is not an integrated advertising system here. 

Meanwhile, hello there :)

Dry season sky. 

Sky scrapping.

Old Railway Bridge in Cipularang, July 1, 2012.

Morning In Cipularang - July 1, 2012.

Morning trip to Bandung - July 1, 2012.

(Bandung- July 1, 2012)

I was on the peak of boredom land lately. It threw me away from my camera, my blog, Tumblr, even my friends. Didn’t do much, only stared at tv screen all day when i wasn’t working. 

What finally gathered my sanity is this what i call “tranquility in a box”. A box full of colorful threads, waiting for my fingers to be woven. 

I made wish/friendship bracelets like this back in my school years. Before it was cool :D 

This one is my first attempt. Not a neat one, but the colors remind me much of one of my favorite thing in the world: coffee :)

And this one is my favorite piece above all. I call it The Ocean for obvious reason ^^

The legend of the bracelet goes like this; the bracelet is tied around your wrist while making a wish.  You go about life never taking it off, when the bracelet falls off on it’s own your wish comes true. 

Don’t ask me for step by step tutorial, cause i don’t want to make any :D But i found a good one here in Honestly WTF. So kill your TV and start weave one. Enjoy ^^

Toward Freedom.

Jakarta Sky Scrappers. 

taken from prince center building 14th floor at universal music indonesia hq.

yes, i’m a woman and i drive manual gear box! :D

thank god for tumblr :D

oh hi. as you might figure, that’s just me. got nothing to do while waiting in the parking lot :p